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Media attention to Howard’s April article on NIOSH

In its May 12 issue, BNA Occupational Safety and Health Reporter profiles John Howard’s article in the April 2009 (22.2) issue of Governance.  Howard, former Director of the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, considers how governmental research organizations can overcome “strong in-built tendencies” that threaten organizational performance.  “I wanted to tell a story about our history since the mid-1990s,” Howard told the Reporter. “It’s important those issues are systematically integrated into the organization so that they aren’t a flash in the pan.”

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Most popular articles in 2008

These were the five most frequently downloaded articles in Governance in 2008:

Bo Rothstein & Jan Teorell, What Is Quality of Government? A Theory of Impartial Government Institutions 21.2 (April 2008): 165-190

David Dolowitz & David Marsh, Learning from Abroad: The Role of Policy Transfer in Contemporary Policy-Making 13.1 (January 2000): 5-23.

Pierre Lascoumes & Patrick Le Gales, Understanding Public Policy through Its Instruments-From the Nature of Instruments to the Sociology of Public Policy Instrumentation 20.1 (January 2007): 1-21

Merilee S. Grindle, Good Enough Governance: Poverty Reduction and Reform in Developing Countries 17.4 (October 2004): 528-548

Francisco Longo, Quality of Governance: Impartiality Is Not Enough 21.2 (April 2008): 191-196

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Schedule for SOG sessions at IPSA’s Santiago conference

SOG is the Structure and Organization of Government Committee of the International Political Science Association, the academic sponsor of Governance. IPSA will have its annual conference in Santiago, Chile on July 12-16, 2009.  Here is the preliminary schedule for SOG sessions in Santiago:

RC27.198, July 13, 1500-1655hrs:  “Re-Building Bureaucracy in a Post-Bureaucratic Age: Theories and Empirical Implications”
RC27.307,  July 13, 1100-1255hrs:   “Administrative Reforms Today: From NPM Models to Neo-Weberian Bureaucratization?”
RC27.369: July 14, 0900-1055hrs: “Comparing Representative Democracies: Japan, Korea and the U.S.”
RC27.408, July 14, 1500-1655hrs:  “Papers on the Structure and Organization of Government”

And the SOG business meeting will be on July 13 at 0900hrs.

More details about the papers and authors here: IPSA_SOG_Santiago

More details on the conference available at

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