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Does the US president need Congress’s approval to go to war? Commentaries and video

John Yoo at March 16 debate
Does the U.S. President need Congress’s approval to go to war?  John Yoo and Alberto Coll debate the question in new commentaries for Governance.  “As a matter of law, never,” says Yoo. “The Constitution creates a presidency that can respond forcefully to prevent serious threats to our national security without waiting for congressional approval.”Free access to Yoo’s commentary.  But Coll disagrees profoundly. “The historical record is clear: Only the U.S. Congress has the right to initiate major conflicts.”  Free access to Coll’s commentary.  Yoo and Coll debated in person at the University of Missouri on March 16.  Watch video of the debate here.

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April 27, 2016 at 7:13 pm

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