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How “intellectual ostriches” hurt political science

In his commentary for the April issue of Governance, Stephen Del Rosso says that political scientists need to do a better job of bringing their work to the attention of policymakers — and to do that, they have to balance rigor with readability.  “There is no shortage of important scholarly work that goes unnoticed or unread because of its presentation,” says Del Rosso, Director of the Carnegie Corporation’s International Peace and Security Program.  “The future of the political science field is too important to be left to the intellectual ostriches who bury their heads in self-referential esoterica.”  Free access to the commentary.

Matthew Flinders  of the University of Sheffield also noted the discipline’s difficulties in a January 2014 commentary.  “Political science has generally failed to fulfill its broader social responsibilities . . . It is — at least in some limited ways — to blame for ‘why we hate politics.'” Read the commentary.

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March 16, 2015 at 7:49 am

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