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Roundtable: What NPM accomplished in the UK

The current issue of Governance features a roundtable on A Government That Worked Better And Cost Less? byChristopher Hood and Ruth Dixon.  The book recently received the Brownlow Award from the U.S. National Academy of Public Administration.  “This is an important book,” says Per Laegreid. “An important implication is that public sector organizations cannot just copy private sector management tools and organizational forms and expect successful results.”  Read his review.   NPM “was sold to the world as science-based ‘best practice,” write Demetrios Argyriades and Pan Suk Kim. “After three decades, a new book has come to prick the bubble.”  Read their review.   ButNancy Roberts suggests that the book may overstate the “level of conceptual clarity or agreement” about what NPM actually involved.  Read her review.

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January 20, 2015 at 9:50 am

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