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Book reviews: Russia, pandemics, local economic development, and governing fables

In the current issue of Governance, Thomas Remington of Emory University reviews State Building in Putin’s Russia by Brian D. Taylor of Syracuse University.  Taylor “offers a valuable overview of the impact of President Putin in his first two terms,” Remington says. Free access to the review.Milosz Miszczynski of Jagiellonian University reviews Local Economies and Global Competitiveness, edited by Bruno Dallago and Chiara Gugliemetti.  The volume, a collaborate project by thirty-three economists, examines “different dimensions of local economic development around the world,” Miszczynski says.  “The academic level of all the contributions is very high.”  Free access to the review.

Richard French reviews Governing Fables: Learning from Public Sector Narratives by Sandford Borins of the University of Toronto.  “Not your father’s public management book,” French concludes.  “It is instead a highly original and absorbing analysis of the images of public management, policy, and politics constructed by the popular entertainment media.”  Free access to the review.

Elaine Wee-Ling Ooi of the World Bank reviews Pandemics and Peace by William J. Long of Georgia State University:  “The resurgence of deadly infectious diseases in our increasingly connected world requires an integrated and global approach to preventing their spread. This is a timely book and an important contribution to examining the forces that shape international cooperation in health.”  Free access to the review.

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