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China and renewable energy: A distinctive path

Like many other countries seeking to promote clean growth, China is experimenting with wind power.  But in 2008, one fifth of the country’s installed wind power capacity did not generate any electricity.  This is one illustration of how Chinese policy deviates from best practice regarding the development of grid-connected renewable energy (GCRE).  In the current issue of Governance, Clara García of Universidad Complutense de Madrid provides a novel synthesis of the evolving best practice regarding policy and institutions to support GCRE.  Then Garcia describes the many ways in which China diverges from that model.  It’s not surprising, Garcia says, that China has taken a distinctive path in this area.  More work is needed to establish the connection “between China’s particularities in GCRE and its actual record in deploying renewables.” Free access to the article.

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February 20, 2013 at 1:45 am

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