Europeanization in education policy: Two views

The current issue of Governance (22.3) offers two perspectives on the complexities of Europeanization in the field of education policy.  Christine Trampusch contrasts the German and Austrian response to the Bologna Process, which included an effort to rationalize processes of vocational education and training.  German policymakers adopted a proactive reform policy, while in Austria, Europeanization was effected through “ongoing, quotidian change in domestic institutions, without special attention to EU policies.”  Trampusch’s study attempts to incorporate a dynamic conception of domestic institutional change into models of Europeanization.  Meanwhile, Michael Dobbins and Christopher Knill examine the effect of the Bologna Process on the structure of higher education institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.  They find “a massive expansion of transnational communication and interlinkages” but no clear trend toward policy convergence; in fact, “differences in Higher Education governance have increased.”  It is another reminder of the enduring effect of “national institutional peculiarities” on policy development.

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